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August 2020 - Temporary Emergency Measures for Weekly Order

Posted on by Gilberte Doelle

Dear customers,


We hope you are staying safe and healthy.

Here is our latest info - we will continue to serve the community as much as we can.


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We recommend pre-ordering by every Wednesday 5pm for the weekend pickup (Thu/Fri/Sat). First comes first served.

Sign up for the weekly e-mail notification not to miss the opportunity. The notification is sent Monday evening.


You can check the latest availability on the Weekly Order Form, too. It is updated by Tuesday morning.


We also try to post a quick update as often as possible on our Facebook page. Please follow us if you'd like to stay posted.




If you have any urgent matter, please call at 902-837-4181.


Thank you so much for your understanding and patient.

Let's stay healthy and positive in this challenging time together.





Wild Rose Farm team


Open Farm - May 9, 2020

Posted on by Gilberte Doelle

Originally we were planning to do the REAL Open Farm in early May. 
Now, just like anywhere else, we can't really have a big gathering at our farm. 

So... we decided to go out of our comfort zone. 
We'll try our first virtual farm tour this year. 


(Click the image above to enlarge)


Date:  May 9, 2020 (Saturday)

Time:  1:30pm ~ 3:30pm (Atlantic Daylight Time)

Location:  Our Facebook Page (Facebook Live)


We are now asking for people's question here

Please submit your question as well as check what people are asking about.

Hope to see you on Saturday May 9th!


Gardening 101 - How We Do on Our Farm

Posted on by Gilberte Doelle

Here we share how we grow our vegetables step by step.

Hopefully you can learn something new and useful.


Crop Plan

Plan on the paper first! Have a good brain storm and learn more about how each crop grows.


Crop Family PDF Sheet

Eliot Coleman (Maine)

West Coast Seeds (BC)

Johnny's Selected Seeds (Maine)


Bed Prep

Ideas and tips to prepare your garden area.

-- Green Manure
-- Use Weed as Soil Indicator
-- Lasagna Method (Sheet Mulching)



We start seeding in late February.

See the video to learn what and when you can start seeding and how.


Hope Seeds (Annapolis Co. NS)

Growing Green Earthworm Casting


Transplanting (Potting)

Once the seedlings gets a certain size, you transplant in a larger container.


To be continued...