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Gardening 101 - How We Do on Our Farm

Posted on by Gilberte Doelle

Here we share how we grow our vegetables step by step.

Hopefully you can learn something new and useful.


Crop Plan

Plan on the paper first! Have a good brain storm and learn more about how each crop grows.


Crop Family PDF Sheet

Eliot Coleman (Maine)

West Coast Seeds (BC)

Johnny's Selected Seeds (Maine)


Bed Prep

Ideas and tips to prepare your garden area.

-- Green Manure
-- Use Weed as Soil Indicator
-- Lasagna Method (Sheet Mulching)



We start seeding in late February.

See the video to learn what and when you can start seeding and how.


Hope Seeds (Annapolis Co. NS)

Growing Green Earthworm Casting


Transplanting (Potting)

Once the seedlings gets a certain size, you transplant in a larger container.


To be continued...