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We Harvest in January in Southwest Nova

Posted on by Gilberte Doelle


Kale is one of the very precious vegetables you can possibly harvest outside in Southwest Nova Scotia.

Just be careful not to damage the main stem. You can pick frozen and let them thaw in the fridge or on the kitchen counter.


Winter local greens are high in nutrients because they grow so much slower than summer time the vitamins and minerals are concentrated.

Have greens as much as you can eat through the winter and stay healthy!


Energy Booster

Posted on by Gilberte Doelle

Green Smoothie Energy Booster





Yeild: approx. 2cups (500ml)


1 cup apple cider

1 small handful alfalfa sprouts

1 good-sized handful of baby spinach or Kale

4-5 large lettuce leaves

A handful of fruits - berries, apple, etc. (optional)


Blend everything together until smooth and frothy!


Note: Start by drinking only small amounts (1~2 oz) of green smoothie and gradually work your way up to a cup.

Drink your smoothies immediately before your meal, not as a mid-morning or mid afternoon snack.


Much To Do on Open Farm Day

Posted on by Gilberte Doelle

Come one, come all, to the paramount farm-tour event of the year!

The annual province wide Open Farm Day is set for Sunday, September 18th – and you won’t want to miss out on the excitement. Head out along highway 101 between Digby and Weymouth and you’ll find Wild Rose Farm, not far from the Gilbert’s Cove Lighthouse.

Gilberte and Siegmar Doelle and the farm staff and volunteers have been busy planning for this year’s festivities. You can expect many of the tried-and-true activities from past Open Farm Days, such as food sampling, farm tours, a hay fort for kids, and a chance to take home the farm gate door prize. In addition to tasting and touring a bit of the farm, this year, you’ll also be invited to try your luck at a scavenger hunt, have your face painted, or watch a seed threshing demonstration.

For Wild Rose Farm, hosting an Open Farm Day goes beyond just opening their doors to the public. While you’ll be able to say hello to the chickens, guinea hens, cows, and alpalcas, you’ll also have the opportunity to learn about organic farming the French-intensive way. “The hope is that when you leave the farm, you’ll also leave with a sense of how and why we farm the way we do. Open Farm Day is a lot of work,” says Gilberte Doelle, “but it’s also a lot of fun.” Perhaps that’s why Wild Rose Farm is the only farm taking part this year from Annapolis County to Yarmouth County. Gilberte notes that they’ve been participating in Open Farm Day for several years now but it never gets boring. “Every year we add a little something different, plus you get to see our crop rotation in action and how we’re always fine-tuning our farming methods”.

As with much of what happens on a farm, Open Farm Day is a rain or shine event, so pack your gumboots or sun hat and join the animals, critters, farmers and other visitors for a fun and educational afternoon.


Wild Rose Farm is located at 6804 Hwy 101, Gilbert’s Cove, Digby County, NS. Open Farm Day is Sunday, September 18th from 1 p.m. - 4 p.m.


Wild Rose Farm is a mixed vegetable farm and the only Certified Organic Farm in Digby County. Three years ago, the farm won the Nova Scotia Environmental Stewardship Award. For more details, visit:http://wildrosefarmns.ca


Open Farm Day is a province wide event that creates the opportunity for participating Nova Scotia farmers to open their doors to members of their community. To see a list of all participating farms, visit:http://www.meetyourfarmer.ca/openfarmday/